Business Travel Just Got Easier

Egencia® TripNavigator for iPad offers a brand new experience. Beautiful, personalised and intuitive, it is your essential travel companion. With everything in one place, it’s easy to find what you need. Choose from 200,000 hotels  and enjoy exclusive, mobile-only deals.

Your Mobile Business Travel Companion

Like a personal travel assistant, Egencia® TripNavigator notifies you when it is time to check in to your flight, alerts you if don’t have a hotel booked, and even reminds you to fill up your rental car before returning it – complete with the locations of nearby gas stations. Flight, hotel, car and rail booking details and alerts are transmitted directly to your mobile device, so you always have the most recent information at your fingertips. And if part of your itinerary is delayed or canceled, TripNavigator lets you shop and book a room at a nearby hotel, or provides options to connect with an Egencia Travel Consultant to book new arrangements.

Egencia TripNavigator for Android, iPhone and iPad includes real-time travel alerts, flight displays, online check-in and other features that enhance the modern travel experience. Any user, including non-Egencia clients, can download the app and take it for a test drive via the “Explore” option available on the “Sign In” screen.

Download Egencia TripNavigator for iPhone and iPad from the App Store

Download Egencia TripNavigator for Android mobile devices from Google Play

Book and Save on Hotels

Egencia® TripNavigator gives travellers access to shop and book one of the world’s largest hotel inventories – over 200,000 properties worldwide. Egencia® TripNavigator users also enjoy special ‘Mobile Only’ Hotel Deals with savings between 10% and 50% at 7,200 hotels around the world – perfect for last-minute hotel stays. You can book with confidence with easy-to-understand travel policy notifications, hotel photos, and available amenities.

An Actionable, Interactive Itinerary

Check in to your flight, find airport amenities, look up directions to your airport or hotel and more – Egencia® TripNavigator provides you with the most relevant information based on your trip timeline, with interactive maps for every stage  of your journey.

Egencia® TripNavigator provides useful travel information when and where you need it most.

Explore Egencia TripNavigator

  • Actionable Itinerary

    Quickly and efficiently check into your flight, look up directions to your hotel or airport, share your trip items, and much more.

  • Trip Alerts

    Egencia TripNavigator delivers easy-to-read notifications to let you know if your flight is delayed or canceled, and will provide actionable next steps.

  • Global Hotel Shopping

    Shop nearly 200,000 hotel properties worldwide from your fingertips.

  • Contextual Maps and Directions

    Stay on track with contextual next steps in your itinerary, maps and directions for each item in your trip, and terminal maps for the longer airport layovers.

  • Technology-Infused Service

    Egencia® AssistMe enables travelers to easily and quickly get in touch with Egencia Travel Consultants whenever expert assistance or help is needed.

  • Beautiful New Interface

    Inspired by consumer travel apps, but developed with your business needs in mind.

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Egencia for the Mobile Web

Travellers using other mobile platforms (including Blackberry or Windows phones) can access a version of Egencia for the mobile web. Egencia® Mobile provides easy access to existing trip itineraries, keeps you informed with timely travel alerts, and allow you to shop and book from one of the world’s largest hotel inventories directly from your mobile device.

Egencia for the Mobile Web