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New Dashboards For Air And Hotel Emissions Available

Egencia announces a new Carbon Emissions Workspace to help customers act on their business travel carbon footprint

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Posted: 09 December 2019

Dashboards for Air and Hotel display carbon emissions for Egencia customers, with a Dashboard for Rail coming in early 2020

Seattle, Wash., Dec. 10, 2019 – Today, Egencia® announces a self-service Carbon Emissions Workspace with Dashboards for Air and Hotels is now available to customers through Egencia Analytics Studio.  The new Dashboards provide organisations with real-time data, reporting and insights to optimise their travel programme. A Dashboard for rail is launching in early 2020.

The Dashboards for Air and Hotels use sophisticated data visualisation to give business travel managers a real-time view of the carbon emissions resulting from their company’s flights and hotel stays. Available through the Egencia Analytics Studio, travel managers can view trends, make comparisons, and apply filters to perform company-wide analysis or measure the effects of a single trip or traveller.

“Sustainability is important to companies that want to simultaneously grow their business while also reducing their impact on the environment,” said Tristan Smith, Vice President, Customer Success at Egencia. “Business travel is a critical area to enable both of these company priorities. With our Carbon Emissions Workspace, Egencia is putting our clients in the driver’s seat – giving them on-demand, intuitive insights to identify and act on their carbon impact today and discover opportunities for further transformation.”

Using Egencia Analytics Studio as their central Workspace for reporting and visualising travel programme, travel managers have the actionable insights to optimise their programme. The new Dashboards provide the ability to visualise carbon emissions data by top producing departments, travellers, hotels, and flight routes.

Empowered with this data, organisations to adopt more environmentally-friendly travel and accommodation options as part of their travel programme, such as increasing the price cap so travellers can book direct flights, or using more eco-friendly hotels, while also supporting suppliers who have invested in solutions to attract business from customers who prioritise sustainable travel.

“There is no planet B. We have a great impact on our planet and the ones living on it,” said Harald Bjugstad-Holm, Director of Sustainability, Nordic Choice Hotels. “There's a lot of attention on data and backing what you do with evidence, which is essential for driving sustainability work in the right direction. We have an obligation [to customers] to be more transparent about our environmental footprint and find more common measurements so they can make informed choices.”

Industry experts on the Egencia consulting team also bring an additional level of optimisation, backed by data-driven insights. Consultants work with customers to review the data and recommend ways to achieve their business travel programme’s sustainability goals based on best practices and years of experience managing travel programmes for thousands of global customers. The Carbon Emissions Workspace use a proprietary algorithm, developed by Egencia data scientists, based on international industry standards for tracking carbon emissions.

These standards were developed by the UK’s Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA); and are viewed by government regulators as the benchmark standards for estimating travel carbon emissions. Egencia customers can use the data provided in their Carbon Emissions Workspace for tax and regulatory purposes, where required.

Read more about the new Carbon Emissions Workspace.

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