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18 Ways To Save Time and Money With Egencia

Save time and money with Egencia

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Posted: 02 September 2020
How Egencia saves you time and money

At Egencia, we take travel seriously. We don’t play games or tell travel managers to dangle carrots in front of their business travellers to get them to comply with policy. Instead, we provide a single, easy-to-use digital travel platform that will help your business save time and money — no gimmicks needed.

Let’s face it — money matters to every business and time is valuable. Whether you’re a global organisation or a small or medium-sized business, with our platform you can build and monitor a travel programme that eliminates guesswork. A platform that meets your specific needs when it comes to travel spend, expenses and compliance. You can save time with up-to-date reports, streamline travel expense processing, and easily book travel from any device.  

Here are 18 ways our platform can help you save time and money:

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    We offer a huge supply of travel options, with exclusive, preferred rates, across the globe. How do we do this? We have extensive scale when it comes to what we can offer. Whether you’re booking travel in one region or worldwide, we can accommodate complex travel programmes or offer solutions for your specific business needs. And you don’t need to worry about having suppliers in every region where your travellers need to go — our supply is open to all of our customers. 
    As a bonus, the variety of travel options aren’t limited to hotel content, so your travellers can also choose from a wide selection of air, car and rail. Our technology surfaces the most relevant content, so you — and your travellers — save time. No more sorting through endless lists of irrelevant travel options or multiple booking tools — you save time and keep business travellers happy with choices that matter to them.

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    We’ll help you structure a managed travel programme that achieves compliance. Think of the time you’ll save if you don’t have to chase down travellers that go rogue.

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    Travel programmes that help travellers stay in compliance can keep your travel spend in line. In our experience, we’ve found that if travellers can use a clear, easy-to-understand policy that suits their needs, they’re likely to be happier. Traveller satisfaction can help you retain highly valued road warriors or be touted as one of your company’s benefits when speaking with potential employees.

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    The Fare Savings Finder gives you access to a dedicated team that monitors flight costs. If they find a lower-cost flight, you’ll be alerted, and we’ll share the savings with you.

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    Technology is in our DNA. It’s been the driver of everything we’ve built, and we constantly iterate and innovate to deliver the best single digital travel platform to you. 
    We’d like to introduce you to Smart Mix, the Egencia application of machine learning (ML) to provide you the best hotel and air sort for your business. What does this mean for booking travel? You’ll get the most options that meet your policy, with personalised choices and rates surfaced to the top. 
    How do we do this? Essentially, with ML, we train artificial intelligence (AI) to find patterns in our data. We have billions and billions of bytes of data, and what AI does is find repeated data points that wouldn’t be obvious to humans who can’t process that much data quickly. This makes the entire travel management system more predictive and action-oriented. 
    How does it work? With this technology, we can give you what you want as your first choice — that’s the power of AI. For example, let’s say you have a bi-annual event every year, one in Berlin and one in San Francisco. Our ML knows what hotels, flight times, and ground transportation options your travellers prefer, so those results are what you see first.

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    We always provide you with the best preferred rates, and our Air and Hotel packages help you save even more when you book flights and hotels within 10 days. And what’s even better, these savings will be surfaced to you — there’s no need to hunt and peck to cobble together the most cost-efficient package for your travellers.

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    When your travellers are on the road, time is of the essence. Between getting to the airport and catching a flight or a connection, the last thing they need is to try to figure out how to get to their hotel, grab a bite to eat, or log on to Wi-Fi in their room. Hotel Conversations lets business travellers speak directly to the hotel, so they can find out if there’s a shuttle at the airport, if the hotel has a restaurant, and if Wi-Fi log-in information will be in their room when they arrive.

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    With an online adoption rate of more than 90 percent, we return productivity to you through our intuitive booking platform that’s easily accessible from any device.

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    It’s a given that when people are on the road, things don’t always go as planned. We’re here to help your travellers with always-on customer service, 24/7/365. The mobile app features AssistMe with callback functionality and our highly trained consultants can help with complex travel itineraries. We also offer native language support with customer support teams that speak more than 32 languages.

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    The value of ongoing and consistent reporting is important to anyone managing a travel programme. The Egencia Analytics Studio is an easy-to-use data visualisation tool that lets you constantly monitor your business travel. It’s easy to zero in on what your travel spend is, day-to-day, month-to-month, or year-over-year. You can gain insights on how you can save money and look at spending trends to analyse and implement your strategy and policy.

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    Taking care of your travellers is important to you, them, and your business. In the event you need to quickly locate your travellers, Traveller Tracker lets you search by city or radius. Whether it’s a weather system that could disrupt travel plans or a rail workers’ strike, finding and alerting your business travellers to any potential impacts is at your fingertips.

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    We help your business travellers stay one step ahead of any travel changes or updates with flight alerts, so you don’t have to. Your travellers also have the option to use Online Air Exchange, a platform feature that allows them to change flights on the web or in the app, with instant visibility to any changes in fare or penalties.

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    We make it easy to adopt a travel management programme, which means you can save time and money. Simply set up your travel policy and integrate it with HR and your expense systems with just a few clicks. Your travel programme dashboard will provide you a complete view of your company’s savings, spend and travel trends.

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    Managing travel expenses and reconciling accounts can be time-consuming and tedious. We offer streamlined, end-to-end expense processing with multiple providers to free up your time and your travellers’.

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    Group Trip is a collaboration platform feature that saves time by alerting a specific number of people simultaneously instead of creating a back-and-forth email chain. It’s easy to view and book similar flight times and hotels and track group arrival times for coordinated (and cost-saving) ground transportation.

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    Out of the office and need to modify or make travel arrangements? With just one tap, trips are approved with Arranger Mode.

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    Let our travel management consultants provide expert advice and help you assess your travel programme to find potential savings, streamline operations, and manage your hotel RFP programme.

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    We go way beyond booking and offer services you and your travellers need the most on the road. The Egencia Advantage programme is a one-stop shop that provides access to AirHelp, insurance, visa services and more.

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