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Change Or Check Travel Plans On The Business Travel App

Three reasons why travellers need the Egencia mobile app before their next business trip

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Posted: 09 November 2020
Corporate Travelers Use Business Travel App

Author — By Prajanma Singh, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Our smartphone is an integral part of our lives today. From the moment we wake up until we go to sleep, we rely on it for many tasks or activities. We use it to communicate and connect with our loved ones, to relax and unwind, to buy goods and services anytime, anywhere, and to efficiently complete essential tasks on the go.

And it plays an even more important role during times when things don’t quite go as planned.

Over the last few years, I’ve travelled on business across multiple continents. And there’s one trip that I still remember in detail — a time I missed my train. I was in the Nordics for a week. The trip was going very well and my last meeting was on Friday in a small town in Sweden. I was a train and a flight away from home and was eager to see my family. But as luck would have it, the meeting overran. And by the time I reached the train station, I could only catch a glimpse of the train leaving the platform. I still remember standing on that empty platform and with just one thought on my mind — how do I get home? I took a few minutes to calm down and then took out my smartphone and within five minutes, I was booked on the next train, ensuring that I made it in time to catch the last flight to London.

There’s nothing worse than being stuck on your business trip. Those are the times when you need help to be available immediately, in the easiest possible way. And that’s one of our key reasons for developing the Egencia mobile app — to give you and your savvy business travellers a trusted travel companion.

In this second blog in our series, we’ll look at three key benefits of the Egencia mobile app and how it helps travellers in some of the common scenarios that they may find themselves in:

  1. Have the most up-to-date information available on the go

Scenario: You’ve booked a few business meetings to drive forward your company’s expansion plans. At the airport, while checking your emails, you see a message from your travel manager, sent an hour ago, explaining that one of your destinations has new travel restrictions. You need to figure out how to reorganise your trip in real time just as you’re boarding your flight.

Why Egencia: With the Egencia business travel app, you can receive push notifications instantly, letting you know what’s changed with your trip — without the need to access your office emails. This can be a valued additional channel of communication available in case you miss the email or when you don’t have access to your email. You can also view your complete itinerary, cancel and book your flight, organise a car hire and extend your hotel room stay — all through the app.

Customer benefit: You never know when you need to get out of a location in a hurry or extend a stay. You don’t need to be at a computer to accomplish this task or wait to get a Wi-Fi connection — you can complete it directly from the Egencia mobile app.

  1. Managing last-minute changes while you’re on the move

Scenario: You’re having a busy day, full of back-to-back client meetings. As you are wrapping up and rushing to get into the taxi for the next meeting, you receive a message that your outbound flight has been cancelled.

Why Egencia: Once you hop into the taxi, you simply open the Egencia app and book the next available outbound flight, in less than five minutes.

Customer benefit: When you have a packed schedule and you’re on the move, any cancellation or delay only adds to your stress. You need to have the right functionality and tools available at hand to see real-time alerts on flight status, make changes on the go and avoid unnecessary stress.

  1. Getting assistance in times of crisis

Scenario: Your flight got delayed causing you to miss your connecting flight.

Why Egencia: While juggling between speaking with the airport staff and informing your clients about the delay, you take a few seconds to tap the Callback option on the Egencia mobile app so that you don’t have to wait on the phone for support. The Egencia agent calls you back within minutes and books you on the next flight out. You use the app to message the hotel about your late arrival. When you reach your destination, you use the app again to find the best ground transport options (it already has your hotel address from the booking) to get to your hotel in a jiffy!

Customer benefit: When delays happen on your business trip, they usually have a spiralling effect on the rest of your itinerary. Manage these changes in the Egencia app quickly and efficiently.

Travel has changed. And we want to equip your travellers with the tools to feel empowered and cared for on the go.

Download the Egencia mobile app today.

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