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Deliver Business Travel Savings With a TMC


Why a travel management company is vital for savings

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If your business is preparing to travel again post COVID-19, you should be thinking about how you’ll support booking consistency, spend visibility, savings, traveller safety, and compliance. Start by partnering with the right business travel management company (TMC).

At Egencia, we consolidate all your corporate travel management and travel programme needs into a single user-friendly solution, saving your business money and your travel managers and travellers’ time. From reporting on spend, risk management and duty of care to booking and managing business travel, everything you need is in one innovative corporate travel solution. Even your carefully constructed travel policy is easily woven into the solution, meaning traveller compliance is natural and easy to attain.

Download our essential checklist for business travel savings to find out if moving to managed travel — or switching up your TMC — could help you manage your spend and save on travel costs, improving your bottom line.

Switching to us from an incumbent TMC or an unmanaged programme is simple too. We can have you up and running in between one and fourteen weeks, depending on the size of your organisation, corporate travel policy and programme complexity. After a quick and efficient implementation, you can look forward to average business trip saving of 14 percent on flights*, 7 percent on hotels**, and the opportunity to create reports that will influence the way you spend and save on business travel.

We spoke to travel industry experts at The Business Travel Show 2020 in London, to find out why life looks easier with a TMC and how they make the most of their travel savings.

*Figures for 2019 financial year
**Figures between 26/11/2019 - 06/03/2020

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